"New edition of Proust's masterpiece"

New annotated edition of Swann's Way


Yale University Press is pleased to announce the publication of Swann's Way by Marcel Proust, edited and annotated by William C. Carter. One hundred years have passed since Marcel Proust published the first volume of what was to become a seven-volume masterpiece, In Search of Lost Time. In the intervening century his famously compelling novel has never been out of print and has been translated into dozens of languages. English-language readers were fortunate to have an early and extraordinarily fine translation of the novel from Charles Kenneth Scott Moncrieff. With the passage of time, however, the need for corrections, revisions, and annotations to the Scott Moncrieff translation became apparent.

Esteemed Proust scholar William C. Carter celebrates the centennial of Swann's Way (originally published on November 14, 1913) with a new, more accurate and illuminating edition of the first volume of In Search of Lost Time. Carter corrects previous translating missteps to bring readers closer to Proust's intentions while also providing enlightening notes to clarify biographical, historical, and social contexts. Presented in a reader-friendly format alongside the text, these annotations will enrich and deepen the experience of Proust's novel, immersing readers in the world of an unsurpassed literary genius.

Why a new edition?

Drawing on his accumulated wisdom and insight, Carter—whose Marcel Proust: A Life and Proust in Love prompted Harold Bloom to declare him "Proust's definitive biographer"—has carefully assessed and critiqued the various English-language translations of À la recherche du temps perdu and recognized both the strengths and weaknesses of the original English translation by Moncrieff. He has also discovered the extent to which subsequent revisions to Moncrieff's work have, in their attempts to address certain weaknesses, introduced copious new problems and strayed, sometimes subtly and sometimes glaringly, much farther from Proust's original than most English-language readers could have ever guessed.

Thus Yale's edition of In Search of Lost Time presents the Moncrieff translation as revised by Carter, who preserves its brilliant overall achievement and corrects missteps in ways that do not undermine or overrule Proust but instead bring readers closer to Proust's intentions—and sublime artistry—than ever before.

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