L'Oreille de Proust

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  • Proustiana 11

    The Cork Lined Room

    Proust sound-proofed his room with cork at 102 Boulevard Haussmann.

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  • Proustiana 12

    The Name Guermantes

    The origins of the name 'Guermantes' in A la recherche du temps perdu.

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  • Proustiana 13

    Walter Berry

    Proust's great American friend who spent his early years in Paris.

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  • Proustiana 14

    Marie Nordlinger

    While working on Jean Seantuil, Proust writes to Marie Nordlinger.

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  • Proustiana 15

    Proust and Ruskin

    Proust begins translating works by eminent English art critic John Ruskin.

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  • Interview

    Mireille & Gamble

    Exclusive footage of Mireille Naturel and Cynthia Gamble in La Maison Tante Léonie.

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