Proustiana & Digital Films

Proustiana & Digital Films

  • Swann's Way: A Centennial Tribute

    Digital Film

    100th Anniversary of Swann's Way

    A 30 minute documentary exclusive from Proust Ink to commemorate the centenary of the publication of Swann's Way. As we celebrate Proust’s novel and contemplate its legacy and its posterity, we ask ourselves: Why does this book remain such a vivid and engaging presence among us?

  • Evelyne Bloch-Dano

    Exclusive Interview

    Evelyne Bloch-Dano in Cabourg

    An interview with Evelyne Bloch-Dano on the beachside of Cabourg near the Grand Hôtel. She is a specialist of modern literature, writer, and literary critic for Marie-Claire and magazine Litéraire. This interview is in French. English subtitles will be available soon./p>

  • Proustiana 11

    File Cabinet Materials

    The Cork-lined Room

    Even people who haven't read Proust usually know two things about him: the madeleine scene and the cork-lined room. The idea of such insulation did not originate with Proust. He got the idea from two other writer friends—poet Anna de Noailles and playwright Henry Bernstsein, who were the first to have their bedrooms lined with cork.

  • Proustiana 12

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    The Name Guermantes

    Names are very important to Proust, as they are to any serious writer, and it took him a while to find just the right names to represent the defining features of Combray's fictional topography. The landscapes associated with Swann's Way and the Guermantes Way approximate those of Illiers where the two walks—one the landscape of an ideal plain, the other a captivating river view—embody, for the child Marcel, two separate worlds.

  • Proustiana 13

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    Proust and Walter Berry

    Marcel Proust and Walter Berry became friend in 1916, when Berry sent Proust a fine eighteenth-century volume stamped with the arms and coronet of Prondre de Guermantes. A descendant of an old and wealthy New York family, Walter Berry was born in Paris where he spent his early years. He came back to the United States with his parents, attended Harvard, and decided to pursue a career in international law and diplomacy.

  • Proustiana 14

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    A Christmas Card from Marie

    Proust published his first book, Les Plaisirs et les Jours (Pleasures and Days) in 1896 when he was 25, but he had written many of its short stories when he was younger and some of them had already appeared in various literary journals. In an apparently audacious move, Proust abandoned the short story form in which he had shown promise to begin a highly autobiographical, ambitious novel known as Jean Santeuil, on which he labored until 1899.

  • Proustiana 15

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    Proust and John Ruskin

    Around 1900, when he was almost 30, Proust was growing frustrated at being unable to resolve the narrative challenges of Jean Santeuil, the novel he had been laboring on for about three years. He began to consider a third line of writing: the translation and commentary of works by the eminent English art critic John Ruskin. In 1899, shortly after his return to Paris from a lengthy summer vacation in Évian, Proust went to the Bibliothèque nationale and starting looking up works by Ruskin.