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Proust Online A Self-Paced Course

Proust Online-A Self-Paced Course offers readers of Proust 30 one-hour multimedia lectures during which William C. Carter covers in its entirety Proust's masterpiece In Search of Lost Time, formerly known as Remembrance of Things Past. Subscribers can proceed at their own pace and have unlimited access to the lectures, live monthly webcams, and all supplementary material.

Join our interesting group of passionate readers of Proust and enjoy all the benefits of lifetime membership. With the centennial of In Search of Lost Time approaching (November 2013), now is the perfect time to read or re-read this great work.

What's included in the course

  • 30 Lectures

    30 one-hour lectures with images, photographs, recordings, and other supplementary material.

  • File Cabinet

    Students will have exclusive access to the Proust Course File Cabinet which contains material for each volume.

  • Live Q&A Webcams

    Live Q&A webcams and short supplementary lectures on topics related to Proust's life and work.

What people wrote about the course

Thank you, Bill. I am just getting started, have always wanted to read Proust but felt I needed a structured environment. What a great thing for you to do..

12.03.2012, by Denise Middlebrooks

The course is WONDERFUL. You simply cannot appreciate how it has enhanced my reading. I felt fairly alone at time, en face de Proust. This course has opened up a world which I sensed, but which I can now piece together.

26.03.2012, by Barbara Pilsbury